Why it’s important to never stop learning as an entrepreneur

Admitting that you don’t know everything, and never will, is one of the most important lessons to learn as an entrepreneur, and its also key to growth. And, here’s the interesting thing - self development is one of those areas in which women outshine men, according to Zenger Folkman, the global authority in strengths-based leadership development research. Importantly, women are more open to sharing knowledge and experience - they tend to be more open to sharing the secrets of their success and the journey they personally took to get to the top - unlike their male counterparts. As women entrepreneurs, we can all learn a lot from other trailblazing women, and we are hard-wired to learn. Women intrinsically love to listen, we enjoy reading and absorbing useful information from the plethora of business books and publications that are available to us, and we are open to attending professional development training programmes that will help us on our business journeys. As we progress, it’s essential that we also learn to seek outside counsel from mentors, sponsors and advisors, and participate in peer advisory groups, in order to develop to our full potential as successful business founders.