Africa has the highest rate of women's entrepreneurship on the planet!

Here's an interesting statistic to start the day. Did you know that Africa is the leading continent for female entrepreneurs? 25% of women have set up their own businesses here, the highest rate on the planet! This is music to our ears at Lionesses of Africa! But, what is making Africa such a pro-entrepreneurship environment for women? Well, according to the latest Marketing Mobile Survey undertaken by MMA France, its all down to digital technology. Women on the African continent are capitalizing on digital technology in a big way in order to find innovative solutions to many of the challenges that exist here. The internet and mobiles are often at the heart of business development for African women. These two channels are enabling businesses to launch at low cost, get products and services to market quickly, and importantly, and open up their contacts beyond just the people present in their immediate areas. Platforms such as Facebook also offer a springboard for women who are looking to establish their businesses and brands, and to sell their products outside of their local market. Women entrepreneurs are helping to drive an exciting new digital Africa that is open for business.