Mentoring and technology a powerful combination in empowering Africa’s women entrepreneurs

For many women in Africa, entrepreneurship is not just a route to financial independence, it’s also a means of building confidence and fulfilling potential. Yet, if these women are to be given the opportunity to build businesses that can generate not just a living for themselves, but also create jobs and opportunities for others, then they need to have greater access to mentors who have successfully been on the journey before them. Both mentoring and technology have been extolled as powerful tools for women’s empowerment within development circles. By combining them together, it’s possible to create access to mentor networks from around the world that can help to widen the possibilities for growth and success for women entrepreneurs in Africa. The exponential rise of mobile technology and access to the internet on the continent means that global women mentors are able to share their experience and business insights, open up vital business networks in new markets, and just provide support when needed.