The art of wearing every hat under the sun as an entrepreneur

Were you one of those people at school referred to as a ‘good all rounder’, someone with the ability to be reasonably good at doing lots of different things at the same time? If so, that phrase probably irritated you at the time in your school reports, as it suggests the old adage ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. Yet if you are sat right now about to launch a new startup, or in the early throes of building your business, then it could be a phrase whose time has come in your case. Why? Because as a startup entrepreneur, the chances are you will need to fulfil so many different roles at the same time, from innovator, marketing and PR person, and book-keeper, to salesperson, delivery person and CEO. It goes with the turf in the early days of being an entrepreneur, particularly if you are going solo in your business. Learning the art of wearing lots of different hats when required is all part of the startup journey. So maybe being a ‘good all rounder’ isn’t that bad after all?