Look at your business through a different lens

Having the right business mindset that can handle anything is crucial in a startup and one of the ways to achieve this is through some focused reflection. Spending just 15 minutes at the end of your day in a quiet, uninterrupted space to truly reflect on your business and to look at it through the lenses of the ‘It’, the ‘We’, and the ‘I’, could be invaluable. In that quiet time, ask yourself these questions: The It: Did you achieve everything on your list at the start of the day and did you do the things that were important and not just urgent? The We: Did you add value to the lives of the people you interacted with? The I: Did you manage your own energy and mood levels properly, afterall, you can’t successful manage your business if you are not in good shape. By taking some valuable time to simply reflect on these things each day helps you to maintain focus and perspective in your business life.