Why small is beautiful, particularly if you’re a startup

I read a really interesting article this morning, the take-out of which is worth sharing. Mark Leslie, the Chairman and CEO of Veritas Software, a leading light in Silicon Valley, has made some interesting observations in that highly competitive startup environment. He often sees that big companies and brands are being beaten to the punch by ambitious young tech startups with their innovative, small, simple and cheap products that are aimed at taking on their larger, more complex and ultimately more expensive competitors in the marketplace. So his advice to startups is to learn from this trend, avoid the temptation to over-feature or over design your products, avoid adding on all the bells and whistles just because you can, and get your products to market quickly before your more established companies and brands do. This is the real competitive advantage for startups. However the trick is to watch out behind you for the next young startups who are nibbling at your own heels. Great advice.