Why celebrating every small thing is important

As an entrepreneur, the smallest things in life can bring the most happiness. It could be a new business enquiry, a positive media article, a new social media fan, or a satisfied customer telling you how much they love the work you are doing. On their own, these may seem like small insignificant things in the day-to-day hurly burly of entrepreneurial life, but when you are in charge of your own business and destiny, each one of these small things represents a great step forward and matters hugely. There is something really satisfying about receiving positive acknowledgement and feedback as an entrepreneur, in whatever form it takes, and that is worth celebrating. At Lionesses of Africa, we still remember the complete joy of welcoming the first person to join our community, or the excitement of receiving our first comment on social media, or the immense satisfaction of publishing our first daily newsletter, and we still celebrate each one today with the same enthusiasm as the first time. So, take the time to recognise every small thing that happens in your entrepreneurial life, it can bring the most happiness.