Why the growth of the Maker Economy is good news for Africa’s women entrepreneurs

One of the mega-trends to emerge globally last year was the Maker Movement, which in turn has been credited with the rise of the Maker Economy. It represents a more collaborative, creative economic model for the future. Basically, it takes an age-old concept of traditional makers and crafters working in communities and applies a new technology-based approach to create a contemporary culture which focuses on art, crafts and creativity. This new interest in a growing global Maker Economy has to be good news for Africa’s women entrepreneurs who are building businesses based on making and creating things in the arts and crafts space, but harnessing the power of technology to build those businesses. After all, women in this part of the world have been working in communities and crafting beautiful arts and crafts for centuries. The opportunity today exists for women entrepreneurs who create a new contemporary approach to traditional African craft and tap into this global Maker Movement to expand their business potential into new markets.