Joining the trend of today’s digital nomads

As many of you know, I spend a large amount of my time travelling around Africa and the world, hosting and speaking at events that connect women entrepreneurs with each other and with exciting new market opportunities. In between those meetings and events, as I sit working on my laptop in different global locations on planes, in airline lounges, hotel lobbies, cafes and in railway stations, I have noticed at first hand a growing global trend, particularly amongst millennials. It’s the rise of the digital nomads - entrepreneurs, particularly millennials, whose lives combine business and travel and the freedom to work connected anywhere on the road. These days, it’s possible to run a successful digital business from anywhere as long as you have a laptop, an internet connection, your network, and your digital client base with you. And, many millennial entrepreneurs are proactively choosing this digital nomadic business lifestyle - and making it work!

Have yourself an inspired entrepreneurial day! - Melanie