Stay focused on your own entrepreneurial journey

There is something very powerful about seeing other women entrepreneurs who have made it on their journeys. I know that from a personal perspective and after more than  three decades of being an entrepreneur, I am inspired by and still learn each and every day from my fellow women business builders around the world. So it’s always fascinating to hear from many women that they find themselves constantly monitoring and benchmarking themselves and their businesses against their peers, and getting frustrated in the process. It’s the nature of competitive spirit in business to constantly look at what others are doing, but it can also have a downside when it hampers your own progress. Success comes when you keep your eye on the ball and on your own business at all times, and not on your competitors. There is a great quote from one of our wonderful Lionesses of Africa, Ngyenzi ‘Nunu’Mugyenyi, cofounder of BOLD Kampala in Uganda, who says on the subject, "Mind your own business. Focus your energy on how you can better your business, rather than on how the businesses of others are better than yours. There are enough entrepreneurial journeys to go around." Great advice!

Have yourself an inspired entrepreneurial day! - Melanie