What does success mean to you?

Success means different things to different people. Whether it’s building a substantial business or product that has gone global, or a business that has scaled into multiple locations, or a business that is making an impact in its chosen field, success comes in many forms. So in the world of entrepreneurship, why do we find ourselves sometimes trying to measure up to other people’s ideas of what success looks like? Perhaps it’s time to think about what success really means to each of us individually, and to create our own, very personal definitions that we can work towards, instead of trying to emulate other entrepreneurs’ notions of success. We each have our own entrepreneurial path to follow, and part of the journey is understanding what success means to us. It’s not about chasing a life that is unattainable. It’s about creating a vision and a path for ourselves to follow that means something very personal to us as individuals. And each step we take towards achieving our goals, and each milestone we reach, brings us closer to the success we have defined for ourselves.