Being part of a community and success go hand in hand

As many of you know, I am passionate about the power of community when it comes to supporting the growth and development of Africa’s women entrepreneurs - and, it seems like I’m not alone in my thinking. A fascinating research report by Facebook has found that female founders who are part of a business community are twice as likely to forecast growth compared to those who are not. Despite this, half of female founders say they are not part of such a network. The research revealed that women are aware of the benefits of tapping into business communities, with 49 per cent of those interviewed for the report believing the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people would greatly benefit their business. 31 per cent of the women surveyed said the current business environment is better set up for male business leaders. Reading these research findings reminds me once again of why we started the Lionesses of Africa community - welcome to the Pride!

Have yourself an inspired entrepreneurial day! - Melanie