Artisan retail brands are connecting with customers

Have you noticed a difference in the way that trendy, fast growing, artisan retail brands are connecting with audiences and buyers when it comes to positioning their brands? They all tend to have one thing in common - they harness the power of a strong brand story that makes an emotional connection with their consumers. By sharing in narrative form the origins of how the brand was born, the heritage of the business, the personal vision and journeys of the founders, it makes the brand and product feel more authentic, more believable. So how do you start to tell your own unique brand story? It all starts by remembering where and when you began to think of the idea that created your business or unique product. It continues by writing your brand story, describing in a highly personal way the reasons why you created the business or the product, what problem or need you were trying to fix, or what experience you were trying to create. Tie it back to your life story and your personal experiences, and take your customer on a journey that is uniquely connected to your brand. Then lead that story back to your business and product and you have the basis of a great backstory that can be used in your marketing and brand activity, on your product labelling, and in your brand communications. It’s all about capturing the essence of what your brand is all about.