You are your own best PR machine

The world of PR is changing, and with the rapidly evolving, 24/7 social media driven world we live in, it means that the notion of PR as we know it is changing in business. Any mystique that existed around this industry has gone, and for startup entrepreneurs there is a realization that there is no one better at selling their businesses and getting their brand messages out there than themselves. So if you are a startup entrepreneur and looking to DIY your PR, here are a few helpful tips to remember. Firstly, always accept that coffee invitation, you never know where it will lead. Secondly, get to know your customers, what they need and want, their buying patterns and habits, and tap into those needs with your messaging. Thirdly, when pitching your stories to news media, do your research and ensure your stories will resonate with their specific audiences. Fourthly, harness the power of social media, it could be your best way of quickly reaching audiences and getting people talking. Finally, first impressions count - make sure your stories and messages are well written, visually well presented, and impactful. And remember, good PR takes time but it’s worth the effort.