The $3.7 trillion global wellness and beauty industry has big potential for Africa’s women entrepreneurs

Globally, there is a powerful industry trend underway as women of colour are reinventing the lucrative beauty and wellness sector, and this trend is being mirrored in Africa right now. A whole new generation of savvy women entrepreneurs from all corners of the continent are developing innovative new cosmetic, beauty and haircare products, specifically catering to the needs of women of colour. Not only are these makeup, haircare and skincare brands gaining real traction with customers, but they are also creating new manufacturing businesses that provide employment for local people. So what makes these products different and have such appeal in this rapidly growing marketplace? Traditional natural African ingredients known to have great healing and skincare properties, such as marula oil, are being harnessed in these new products and brands. Beautiful new product formulations are being packaged in a world-class way to have maximum consumer appeal. More beauty and wellness online shops, apps, and media platforms being created to specifically appeal to and meet the needs of women consumers in Africa. The $3.7 trillion global wellness and beauty industry holds incredible potential for the African continent and is a prime sector for job creation, manufacturing, and opportunities for women entrepreneurs to build powerful new businesses and brands.