Stop procrastinating, do it today

We’ve all been there! Those moments when we know we have to get a particular job done, but we find every reason and excuse to put it off, doing anything else rather than actually getting started. But for entrepreneurs, procrastination can suck the life out of you and your business if you let it become a habit. When you are building a business it’s hard and there will be lots of tedious, routine tasks that will need to be done, particularly early on in the startup years. So instead of dreading them and putting them off until the very last minute and deadline, take a different, more proactive approach. It’s all a matter of getting your mind and habits trained to get things done today instead of thinking that tomorrow will be acceptable. Make a list each morning of all the tasks you have to complete that day that are non-negotiable, and then allocate a specific time slot in your day to focus solely on getting that task done. Build in review time during the day to look at each task remaining and keep yourself on track. Ensure you allocate specific time slots in your daily routine to eat healthily, get some exercise and clear your mind - it all helps to get your body and mind in the best shape mentally and physically to get things done. And at the end of the day, when you look at how much you have achieved, your business will thank you for your new approach to removing procrastination from your life and getting more focused on productivity.