Building a business with growth potential takes time and patience

Many entrepreneurs set out with aspirations to build a big business or brand, one that can make its presence felt in a particular market or get the world talking. And many would also like to see things happen quickly. But look at all those companies that today have achieved that sort of status and the chances are good that it took time first and foremost, patience and a good dose of self belief. So how do you give yourself and your company the best chance of building a business that can go the distance, one that can grow and become a force to be reckoned with in the future? Firstly, grow at an organic rate, at a pace that is manageable and allows you the time to get your products and services fine tuned. Secondly, put the necessary business foundations and people in place that can grow with you. Thirdly, keep asking yourself the question, are you solving a problem by doing things differently, by offering intrinsic value? Fourthly, leverage your strengths, stay authentic and don’t try and copy what others are doing. Finally, remember that there are no hard and fast rules, you need to take your time, be patient, work hard and get the basics right - the rest will follow.