Take time to compliment your fellow women entrepreneurs

At a human level, we all know how wonderful it makes us feel to receive a compliment about our businesses, our brands and the products and services we are creating and delivering. And as entrepreneurs, we know how much hard work goes into building a successful business, or developing and launching a new product. Therefore, it’s great to receive recognition and appreciation for what we are doing. But it is particularly rewarding when our fellow entrepreneurs give us feedback and positively comment on our businesses, or the innovations behind our new products and services. After all, they know only too well the trials and tribulations, the tears shed, the hours and hours of sheer hard graft behind the scenes to get to that point. That’s why it’s important to take time to compliment and appreciate our fellow women entrepreneurs. Not only that, did you know that when you give a genuine and heartfelt compliment to someone, your body experiences a biochemical reaction of so called ‘happy chemicals’, such as oxytocin and serotonin, and that’s why it feels great to give a compliment, as well as receive one. So, go ahead and make another woman entrepreneur’s day today!