The art of list making to stop us procrastinating

I don’t know about you, but I am the ultimate list-maker - I love writing them and fastidiously ticking off the actions, one by one as they are completed. It not only makes me feel better, particularly on those days where there just seem to be too many things to be achieved in an impossibly small amount of time, but it also increases my productivity. However, as an entrepreneur, there is always a danger with list-making that they never actually get completed, just added to constantly, and therefore they become more of a burden than a help. So, here are some tips to help you get those to-do lists completed. Firstly, break large tasks into smaller pieces, thereby making them easier to complete on deadline. Secondly, prioritize all the actions on the list - use the 80/20 principle - work out what is going to deliver 80% of the impact for 20% of the effort. Thirdly, plan ahead to maximize your efficiency and that of your teams. Finally, keep your to-do lists realistic and achievable. Ultimately, it’s all about the planning and the prioritizing - happy list-making!