Women’s entrepreneurship is at an all-time high globally, and growing!

Women’s entrepreneurship is at an all-time high, with an estimated 200 million female-led companies worldwide - and that figure is growing. Consumer-driven startups account for 68 percent of those led by women entrepreneurs, suggesting that their success directly correlates to their ability to build genuine and sustainable relationships with consumers. Women business founders who take the time to listen to, understand, and care about consumer opinions as part of their core business beliefs are better equipped to adapt with the market. When female entrepreneurs decide to build something, they do it with exceptional clarity about what their consumers want and need. There are three key lessons that can be learned when it comes to building superior consumer-driven companies. Firstly, set a vision for the company that will resonate with your chosen consumer market segment, based on a deep understanding of what those consumers want and need. Secondly, develop your brand story and tell it repeatedly to your consumer audience in all aspects of the business, getting respected sector influencers to speak on behalf of your brand and get your story across. Thirdly, be authentic and talk about the brand from a personal development perspective as the founding entrepreneur. Consumer driven businesses know the importance of listening to those consumers and speaking their language, responding to key needs, and providing solutions in creative ways.