Anyone can have an idea - successful entrepreneurs turn those ideas into reality

How often do we sit around with friends, acquaintances, family members, work colleagues and listen to lots of discussion around people’s ideas for ‘the next big thing’, a product or business idea that could make a million or change the world as we know it? Yet how many of those ideas never make it past the talking or brainstorming phase? The fact is that anyone can have an idea, but the trick lies in turning that idea into a reality. To take a ‘paper tiger’ of an idea and make it the foundation for a new innovation, business concept or game-changing social change model, takes entrepreneurial spark, drive and not least of all, a can-do attitude to making things happen, no matter how many challenges may seem to stand in the way. That’s the difference between those people who simply have ideas and those entrepreneurs who turn them into reality. In the words of Virgin founder, Richard Branson - “Virgin started with one simple idea, which developed into many new ideas, which grew in turn to foster some wider ideas in all sorts of sectors and markets. Had we not believed in our simple idea and acted upon it, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”