How happy accidents can lead to great startup ventures

Have you noticed how many great business ideas, products and companies start out as a result of happy accidents? Take for example the fabled unicorn business, Slack, which today is valued at over US$ 1 billion. It’s founders originally had an idea to build a computer game called Glitch, but because the development team was spread out in different locations, it caused a real challenge for everyone to collaborate and swap information and assets efficiently and in real-time, but not by resorting to endless emails. The solution was for the development team to create a brand new tool that would change the way they worked, and Slack an innovative new approach to group messaging and information sharing, was invented - and a groundbreaking new commercial tool was born. Entrepreneurs have the ability to see opportunity where others simply see challenges, and to turn those happy accidents into exciting and ground-breaking business ideas and companies. It’s what differentiates them from everyone else!