Building a strong entrepreneurial network is key to success

It’s a fact - building a strong entrepreneurial network can help you to develop valuable relationships with other business owners and entrepreneurs, which can in turn lead to possible future business, collaborations and new ideas. Such networks are also really helpful when it comes to asking for advice from fellow entrepreneurs who have been there, got the T-Shirt, and know how to get over the many hurdles and challenges that are part of being in business. So, here are five practical ways to help you to build a great entrepreneurial network of your own, particularly if you are in the early months of your business startup. Firstly, get to know your local business community - chances are there are lots of entrepreneurs just like you in your local community, you just have to look in the right place to connect with them. So, check out all the local meetups for entrepreneurs, the events and conferences, the business networking sessions, and introduce yourself. Secondly, make sure you have an active presence in online communities, as this will introduce new people into your network and open up new connections. Thirdly, meet and get talking to new people you encounter each day, each one of them could be a potential future business contact, who knows? Fourthly, be active on social media and make sure you are fully utilising all your social networks to connect and network with other entrepreneurs. Finally, continuously engage with your network, finding ways to stay in touch and stay connected. Happy networking!