The power of the entrepreneurial story to connect with people

Every entrepreneur has a personal story to tell of their business journey, and those stories are powerful tools to connect a company and brand with a customer, partner or employee. These back-stories not only inspire people, but they also create a unique culture within a company that everyone can connect with. Some of the most famous global brands have used their startup stories to inspire employees, make an emotional connection with customers, and create a brand that people want to be part of. There is a great story about the early days of Google and its first company dog, Yoshka. It is still the only dog to be credited in Google's official history, and came to work with Senior VP Operations, Urs Hölzle back in 1999. Yoshka’s presence in the workplace each day helped to create a sense of fun and human spirit that before the 2000's perhaps wasn't so prominent amongst tech brands. Today, people know and connect with the story of Yoshka at Google and its fun, free spirited business culture. Serial author and entrepreneur, Lewis Schiff, has a great quote on the power of storytelling for entrepreneurs. He said: Facts get recorded, stories get remembered”. How true is that?