Remove the negativity from your life

Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that you will meet lots of negative people along your business journey - those who say you will never succeed, or that you should stick to a‘proper job’ in the corporate world, or that your idea will never take off. There are lots of reasons as to why these naysayers will not be supportive. It could be a fear of the unknown and feeling more comfortable in a 9-5 job; or they could simply be ignorant of what the entrepreneurial world is really like; or perhaps they are jealous and don’t want others who are perhaps more adventurous to succeed. Whatever the reasons for their negativity, as an entrepreneur you can’t afford to have such people around you and to have their negative attitude to life rub off on you - you need to stay positive and focused. The highly successful US entrepreneur, Tory Burch, CEO and founder of lifestyle brand Tory Burch, says she learned from her parents to treat such negativity as simply ‘noise' to be ignored and blocked out. Instead she surrounded herself with people who would lift her higher – and she reaped the rewards. A good lesson for all of us to learn!