Surround yourself with fellow entrepreneurs who just ‘get’ you

You know what they say - in life, you start to turn into the people you spend most time with. In the world of entrepreneurship, the same is true. The fact is that if you surround yourself with family, friends and networks of people who are not entrepreneurs and who don’t intrinsically understand what it is like to build a business and a brand, then you are not doing yourself any favours. All too often, the people who are closest to us are simply not objective because they love and care for us and want us to succeed, but they don’t tell it like it is. Sometimes, we need a big dose of reality from people who are truly objective, who understand risk and reward, who have an entrepreneurial mindset, and can give us the sort of feedback that we need to grow and thrive in business. So, this morning, take a step back, look at the people who are closest to you on your entrepreneurial journey and ask yourself if they have the entrepreneurial mindset and experience that will inspire and practically help you as you look to achieve your own business dreams.