Collaboration is key to a powerful startup ecosystem

Have you noticed how, here in Africa, the concept of collaboration still seems to be a new idea and one that many shy away from initially? Startup entrepreneurs still have an inbuilt fear that if they share an idea, or look to bounce a new concept for a business around with others, that their idea will be stolen. Yet, if there is one thing that the game-changing internet culture has shown us, it is that collaboration and crowdfunding are the new way of doing things in the startup world of business. No longer are the successful startups of the world sitting on an idea and keeping it in the ‘it’s mine’ space, instead they are looking to get it to market quickly by collaborating with others to make it a reality. Here in Africa, we can learn from this approach and change our mindset to ensure that our homegrown ideas and products can be realised quickly through collaboration, and our entrepreneurial ecosystems grown into powerful socio-economic drivers in our countries. It just makes sense!