Africa’s artisan sector should be a real game-changer

$32 Billion dollars - Now there’s an interesting number. It’s the value of the global artisan sector today, and its growing at a pace. So, why is it that many people, especially governments, are not grasping the socio-economic potential and power of this sector. Perhaps it is because in the minds of so many decision-makers and opinion-formers in government and indeed the private sector, there’s still a lack of understanding of the full economic value and potential of the artisan sector. Indeed, for many people who look to drive economic development and job creation in their countries, the artisan sector is not one that immediately comes to mind as a game-changer. Yet, the opposite is true - just look at that number - an industry sector that has a $32 Billion dollar value and is the second largest employer in the developing world after agriculture can have a genuine impact on development goals, and on the lives of communities here in Africa. It simply requires forward-thinking decision-makers to help unlock its full potential, to shift perception of the sector, to increase awareness and advocacy among consumers, and to raise the sector’s importance and role in policy and development dialogue.