Be brave, be courageous

I read a great quote this morning by the renowned business guru, Peter F. Drucker that really resonated, he said: “In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision.” It seems to me, when meeting and speaking to so many incredible woman entrepreneurs in Africa, that bravery is at the heart of entrepreneurship. It takes great courage to believe in the journey you are on and the businesses you are trying to build, even when those around you tell you it’s impossible. Looking back, it seems like often the really groundbreaking businesses and ideas come from brave entrepreneurs, those who are willing to back their world-changing idea to the hilt and and fight against the doubters, the nay-sayers and general apathy in order to build something truly great and original. Many a successful company and world-changing invention has emerged as a result of a courageous entrepreneur who simply believed that it was too good to fail. So this morning, be brave, be courageous, and make things happen.