Why patience is a virtue

As entrepreneurs, we have probably all done it at some point - we sit there reading the news on our smartphones, IPads and laptops, seeing yet another meteoric rise of a brilliant young techpreneur who has created the next big app and with it a megabrand or company, and wonder when it will be our turn. Whilst we applaud these entrepreneurial megastars, we need to remember that for most of us entrepreneurs, success takes time. It is usually a long and interesting journey to realising our business dreams and aspirations, and there can be many bumps and turns along the way, not to mention full scale pivots for some. The trick is to enjoy the journey, embrace every challenge as you go, and above all, be patient. There will always be those seemingly overnight successes in the entrepreneurial world, but they are not the norm, so never be discouraged at the pace of your own journey. The old adage ‘patience is a virtue’ comes in handy at times like these.