Women entrepreneurs are in it for the long haul

So here’s an interesting piece of research information to think about as you start your day. It appears that the number of male and female entrepreneurs who say they are interested in growing their businesses over the next five years is almost identical, at 82% and 83% respectively. However, the similarity ends when asking both men and women about they type of business growth they envision. Research suggests that women entrepreneurs are more likely to take the long-term view of achieving that growth, by typically reinvesting business profits back into the business in order to generate steady and profitable growth. They are also driven to build legacy businesses that can be passed through the generations, supporting both family and communities for the long-term. Their male counterparts on the other hand are more likely to aim for a faster growth trajectory, exploring ideas and opportunities for equity investment, but ultimately a quicker exit and less of a focus on leaving a legacy. 

Have yourself an inspired entrepreneurial day! - Melanie