We all need women entrepreneur role-models in our lives

It’s human nature - we all need people to look up to in our lives, people who inspire us and motivate us to achieve our goals, who show us that the seemingly impossible can be done. As women entrepreneurs, that’s particularly the case as we look to seek out and look up to those women who have successfully blazed the business building trail before us. I remember in the early days of my entrepreneurial journey being inspired by such women as Anita Roddick, founder of the ethical, cruelty free cosmetics company, The Body Shop, in the UK. For me, she was a great example of someone who had a real passion and was driven to make a difference in the world through her business and brand, and she left a legacy for so many other women entrepreneurs to follow. As she once famously said, “In business, you persuade people with passion, so you’ve got to have a product or service you feel emotionally charged about. Then you can tell stories about it that will inspire others.” Having such role models in our lives is so important as they show us what can be achieved with the right combination of determination, hard work, perseverance, and a ‘must-do’ spirit.