Mastering the art of doing more with less

Pick up any newspaper and magazine, or read your daily online news, and chances are you will see stories of some economies globally and on the African continent really flying, and others taking some considerable strain. Big companies and start-up businesses alike have to constantly take the time to re-evaluate their strategies and goals to manage these often severe economic fluctuations and replan where necessary. During such times, a creative approach to business is often needed, particularly when banks and other financial institutions become much more conservative around access to finance, just when you need it most. Women entrepreneurs, in fact women in general, have always traditionally been better at mastering the art of doing more with less, finding creative ways to stay afloat and thrive even through the most uncertain economic times. And it’s interesting to see that those women entrepreneurs who focus on profit over revenue and frugality over ostentatious consumption, typically build more sustainable businesses and create more jobs in the long term. In these uncertain and often wildly fluctuating economic times, it’s a sensible approach to take.

Have yourself an inspired entrepreneurial day! — Melanie