The power of the digital consumer

I was watching a news programme last evening which reported on the demise of traditional retail shopping centres. How things have changed, and in a relatively short time. Digital disruption in the retail sector is now a reality, with consumers taking their shopping habits online instead of into big retail stores. The same thing happened with the global travel and tourism sector. It was radically disrupted by the arrival of Airbnb and Uber. Today we book around 100 million room nights per year and 40 million rides per month using these two apps. As digital consumers we want to do things differently, and that changes industry sectors. This digital revolution is great for women entrepreneurs because it means it’s possible to compete in the marketplace. An innovative startup business can get a product to market quickly online. It can build a huge social media following, and sell products directly to consumers, without the cost of an expensive retail store. So come on Lionesses, let’s harness the power of the digital consumer and make the most of this digital business revolution.

Have yourself an inspired entrepreneurial day! - Melanie