Are you geared up to scale?

Every entrepreneur has at sometime or another probably daydreamed about their business or their new product becoming a huge hit, or even better an overnight success story, with customers beating a path to the door to buy what’s on offer. And, it sounds fabulous in principle. But in this fast paced world where social media can instantly take a product or business viral, bringing with it instant customer appetite, that quick success can also bring challenges. How many startup businesses are ready to instantly scale to meet customer demand? Are essential resources in place, is the supply chain geared up, are staff trained to cope with this rapid scale in the business? Chances are the answer to all those questions will be no. And whilst entrepreneurs are incredibly resourceful and resilient in the face of such challenges, the pressures to meet supply and demand can be huge without preparation. So, its better to make a plan from the start when it comes to being ready to scale your business. Question is, are you ready to scale?