New Report: Technology drives change. How does social innovation drive technology?

How do you use ICT to create social impact? Ashoka in partnership with the Intel Foundation have published a new report on how social innovators are making the most of information and communication technologies to create social impact and change the world!

"ICT for the sake of ICT is a waste of precious resources. We are delighted to have worked with partners like Ashoka who understand the deep value that ICT can bring to social change when it is offered in context, with appropriate training, and with the intent of empowering the user. We hope this report inspires many others to take up this challenge in ways we haven’t even begun to imagine," says Wendy Hawkins, Executive Director of the Intel Foundation.

Ashoka and the Intel Foundation have partnered together to learn about how technology-based social entrepreneurs are innovating to empower people so they succeed in a rapidly changing world, and the key challenges that must be overcome to achieve further impact.

The newly released report, Social Entrepreneurs Changing Lives Through ICT, invites social entrepreneurs, changemakers and technologists, to come together in conversation about the major opportunities for ICT to change the world.

Read the report below: