A pioneering leader of Africa's 'Women-in-Tech'

Founder & CEO of Edel Technology Consulting

Country: Ghana

Sector: Technology

Ethel Cofie is a leading tech entrepreneur from Ghana and the founder and CEO of Edel Technology Consulting, a company that provides IT and software services as an enabler and catalyst for businesses to achieve their goals. Ethel is the founder of Women in Tech Africa, initiator of the 1st Pan African woman in tech meetup and was shortlisted for the UN GEM Tech Award for work supporting women in ICT. She has been featured by the BBC and CNN for her work in technology and promoting women's leadership.

Ethel sits on numerous boards and is also a President Obama Washington Fellow for Leadership (YALI).


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Ethel's Startup Story 

Ethel Cofie is a woman with a genuine passion for technology and is a real advocate for women’s entrepreneurship in the sector. Today, her company Edel Consultancy, which she founded in 2013, is the primary vehicle for driving her technology passion. At the same time, it provides a platform from which to run powerful women in technology networking groups and alliances, focused on education and enhancing women’s careers in the sector. In the preceeding decade, she gained invaluable global industry experience working with a wide range of innovative and transformational tech systems and products in different capacities including Product/Solutions Management, Business Analysis, Software Development, Service Management, Strategy Development and Implementation. Her career path took her to the UK between 2006 and 2009 where she undertook her MSc in Distributed Systems at Brighton University, followed by a corporate position as a Business and Systems Analyst with RDF Solutions. Both proved to be invaluable experiences that were to help shape her next career moves.

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Ethel Cofie is a real inspiration, not just to women entrepreneurs in Africa’s tech sector, but to all those women who would like to build a career or a successful business in this highly competitive and male dominated industry. She is living proof that with enough tenacity, self-belief, and a vision to be an industry game changer for the benefit of others, you can achieve incredible results. --- Melanie Hawken, LoA founder & editor-in-chief

At the core of EDEL Technology Consulting is the belief that  technology is not just a tool, it’s the strongest enabler an organization can have.

“I have 3 passions: Technology, Female Leadership and Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship”

“I created women in tech Ghana because I wanted to create a girls’ club – if corporate promotions and business has been conducted over the golf club and over beers, then I was going to create a space for women in tech to help each other move up and excel.”

"I was asked why I became an entreprenuer when I had a promising corporate career and I said, I got tired of living someone else's dream."


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Awards & Accolades

Ethel's recent awards and honours include:

  • Ethel is a Mandela Fellow for President Obama’s Young African Leaders initiative(YALI), and has beenfeatured in BBC and CNN for work in technology and women leadership.

  • Ethel founded of Women in Tech Africa, initiator of the 1st Pan African woman in tech meetup and was shortlisted for the UN GEM Tech Award for   work supporting women in ICT.

  • Ethel sits on numerous boards including Egotickets ( An Africa online ticketing platform) and  Chillax ( A Mobile App for providing tailored entertainment choices for professional Africans) and Social Media week Lagos. 

  • Ethel has spoken at numerous conferences including the Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted in in Morrocco and Mobile West Africa

  • 2015 - Ethel is included on IT News Africa list of Africa’s Leading Women in Tech for 2015