Melanie Hawken, founder, author & entrepreneur

Hi - my name is Melanie Hawken - I'm a writer, entrepreneur, and communications strategist.  I am also a passionate advocate for women's entrepreneurship, which led me to become the founder of Lionesses of Africa, an online community platform and social entrepreneurship project that aims to get Africa's entrepreneurs talking, sharing, networking and promoting themselves across the world.  

The aim is to build an online community through which to share truly inspirational stories of Africa's women entrepreneurs who are successful and making a difference in the world. It aims to inspire young entrepreneurs with a great business idea to follow the successful example of others and create successful new business ventures of their own.  It aims to give a greater voice to women's entrepreneurship in Africa and to stimulate conversations and debate.   And, it aims to connect African women entrepreneurs across the continent to create powerful new business support networks.     

Join me in the Lionesses of Africa initiative and become part of the African women's entrepreneurship success story.  Follow my daily Lionesses of Africa blog or weekly newsletter for all the latest news and insights in the world of women's entrepreneurship in Africa.  Also look out for my forthcoming book "Lionesses of Africa" which is due to be published  2015.

"There is a strong  camaraderie that exists among women entrepreneurs - it comes from experience and the knowledge that the world of business is tough out there for women in Africa.  Yet, the  willingness of women to help each another to achieve our individual entrepreneurship goals is truly inspirational. None of us individually has all the answers, but it’s likely that other women entrepreneurs have faced  similar challenges or business dilemmas on their road to success. Their insights and perspectives  can be an invaluable resource.

I truly believe that a community of women entrepreneurs supporting and mentoring one another can accomplish amazing things and accelerate the progress of women entrepreneurship in Africa."

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