Is it time to pivot your business?

It’s one of those key times in the life of any entrepreneur - knowing when it’s necessary to pivot in business. When you pivot your business, you change direction in response to realizing that the way you are doing things simply isn’t working and it’s time for a rethink. And, there’s nothing wrong with pivoting the business, after all, market needs change, customers change, technology changes, all factors that can necessitate a Plan B and a pivot. It’s all about making the right move for the future sustainability of the business. The key is knowing when to pivot. It could be that your business is experiencing difficulty in sustaining its revenue sources. Maybe your business model needs a rethink. Or customer feedback indicates that a business offering needs tweaking to meet their requirements. Ultimately, it could just be that your business is simply not growing as it should be, and new action plans are needed to move it forward. So take a good hard look at the business, start by figuring out where the growth and sustainability is most likely to be, and pivot in that direction.