Find that gap in the marketplace

Women entrepreneurs are often motivated to start their new businesses because they see a gap in a marketplace or community that they know personally and very well. They respond to local needs and wants, they know when a particular product or service is not readily available, and additionally, they understand the customers who are in need of those missing products and services. As a result, they seize the opportunity, and create business and product offerings to fill the gap - whether that be in the retail or local manufacturing space, or in the specialist service sectors. Economists refer to these women business builders as “opportunity” entrepreneurs as they are market driven as opposed to those who are survivalist entrepreneurs who lack other options. These women opportunity entrepreneurs are key to Africa’s regional economic growth, particularly in their own communities, as they are building successful businesses that know their customer needs well, who create products that are highly targeted to meet local needs, and who employ and train local people as they grow. It’s a win-win scenario, particularly if they are given the support and development to take their businesses to the next level.