Ignite that spark

Talk to investors, VCs, and bankers about what they look for when entrepreneurs are pitching their businesses and projects to them, and often they mention waiting for that intangible ‘spark’ that comes from a passionate business builder. But for many entrepreneurs, finding and igniting that spark can be challenging - particularly if they are on the receiving end of predominantly ‘no’s’ when pitching, even though that’s an inevitable part of the journey. But it’s worth remembering that on every level, both personal and business, igniting that spark is key. Think about the huge rush of excitement when you land a new client, or when your work is recognized publicly, or that moment when you finally get the ‘yes’ from that pitch meeting. One spark is all it takes to reignite your passion for your business, and that spark is what connects you to those who can help take your business to the next level, be they customers or investors. As Richard Branson says: ”When you believe in something, the force of your convictions will spark other people’s interest and motivate them to help you achieve your goals. This is essential to success.”