Women entrepreneurs are better at failing forward

So here’s an irony! According to a new international research study conducted by Vistaprint, it seems a fear of failure in business actually means women entrepreneurs tend to succeed more. The survey, which questioned 2000 business owners across Europe, investigated their attitudes towards failure in business. A real fear of failure seems to contribute to female business owners making fewer costly mistakes and as a result building more sustainable businesses. Women were also twice as likely to believe the best way to deal with business failure was to pick themselves up and try again, as many times as needed. Other interesting differences between the women entrepreneurs and their male counterparts were revealed when asked what they could have done to prevent having to close their businesses. 44% of women said they could have been more strategic compared to 15% of men. 31% of women said they could have better developed their business skills and better planned ahead, compared to 11% and 14% of men respectively. This suggests that women entrepreneurs are better at intraspection and learning from mistakes in order to keep moving forward.