The world is your marketplace

I was fortunate last evening to find myself in the company of around 350 leading businesswomen, entrepreneurs, government decision makers and global influencers, at an amazing women’s networking event in Berlin. Hosted by the visionary and energetic German Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy, Brigitte Zypries, the event aimed to bring these women game-changers together to talk about the challenges and opportunities for women in the country to collaborate, to share ideas and experiences on a wide range of socio-economic topics, and of course to network. I was invited to be the keynote speaker, sharing the story of Lionesses of Africa and introducing the women gathered to the opportunities to support, and do business with, the millions of women entrepreneurs on the African continent who are creating world class products and ready to do business globally. The reception received was wonderfully enthusiastic, and demonstrated a real desire to know more about Africa’s women entrepreneurs, the unique products and services being created on the continent, and the impact they are making. The event was another important reminder that the world is one big marketplace with so many opportunities waiting for those women entrepreneurs in Africa who are tenacious and have ambitions to build brands and businesses that can truly go global.