Persistence pays off

As entrepreneurs, one of the many hats we wear is that of salesperson. We are constantly selling and pitching our businesses, promoting our brands, selling our products and services - and let’s be honest, it’s hard work. And for many women entrepreneurs, selling doesn’t come naturally and can be pure hard slog most of the time. So what’s the answer? Well, it all comes down to persistence. According to research, only around one in fifty sales deals are concluded at a first meeting with a potential client, and the average successful sales close-out takes anywhere from 8 to 13 touchpoints. Today, the sales process is all about doing the research, getting to know your sales prospects, understanding their pain points in business, providing solutions, and ultimately, building solid relationships and trust. Persistence underpins the whole process, together with a never give up attitude, a thick skin, and a constant communication and engagement approach with clients. As Bill Bradley, the former US basketball star, politician and author once said: “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”