Self improvement is a journey that takes work

For entrepreneurs there is often no such thing as perfect, it’s a journey as we know! But if we are to continually improve the way we do business, the way we lead our teams, and the way we develop as individuals and those around us, then we need to also encourage self evaluation too. If everyone in the business is to improve, then they need to be inspired and helped to evaluate how they are doing along the way. Telling someone what they need to improve can be helpful, but asking the right questions and encouraging them to self evaluate can be even more impactful. Here are three easy steps to encouraging self improvement in the business. Firstly, stop focusing on perfection and instead focus on incremental improvements for every individual, and celebrate each improvement - that way, everyone remains committed to achieving the end goal. Secondly, acknowledge increased effort as your team members aim to improve - the results may not immediately be felt, but the greater effort is all important in getting there. Thirdly, keep focused on the positive instead of constantly reminding everyone about the negatives, the mistakes made, etc. By focusing on the positive, it encourages more positive thinking and behaviour, which can only be good for the business. Self improvement is a journey that takes work and effort, but it can reap huge rewards in the long run.