Open a window for your customers into your world

How many times do we hear as entrepreneurs that we need to find a way of differentiating ourselves in the marketplace, making our brands connect with our customers, making our businesses stand out and stand up for what we believe in? Well the way to do that is simply to be authentic, and although it seems like that’s the marketing buzz word for 2017, this is not simply a tactic that has worked for decades, it’s a way of being. Building a brand that is authentic simply makes sense - it’s not about marketing spin, it’s about telling a story about your business and your brand that is human, that touches people and their lives, that builds relationships based on a real emotional connection. How do you do that? Share your story - tell your customers where the inspiration for your business came from, how you built the business, what happens behind the scenes when creating your products, share your values and vision. Also as the founder and face behind the business, introduce yourself to your customers through your storytelling, make it personal. And finally, get creative and make your story human. It’s okay to share the triumphs and tribulations that are part of your entrepreneurial journey, and your customers are interested - they want to emotionally walk that journey with you.  So if you want to build a business and a brand that can really connect with customers, then open a window for them to look into your world.