Overwhelmed? You are not alone as an entrepreneur. 

As an entrepreneur, how often do you feel like you are overwhelmed, trying to constantly juggle the demands of building a successful business at the same time as keeping up with the demands of family life, children’s education, community responsibilities, friendships, and still have some time left for you as an individual? Is precious leisure time getting rarer by the week because you spend your evenings and weekends catching up with all the business admin you didn't quite get around to in the week because of other time pressures? If so, then you are not alone. It’s a feeling that many women entrepreneurs experience on their journeys, particularly in the early days of building businesses and brands, and innovating in the product development space. Chatting to women entrepreneurs regularly around the African continent, it can feel like life is just a constant battle with time and never actually having enough to go around - although somehow, women entrepreneurs find a way of making it work regardless. So if you are feeling overwhelmed right now, and leisure time is a long distant memory, take a look at author Brigid Schulte’s interesting takes on the subject in her book ‘Overwhelmed - How to work, love and play when no-one has the time’. It offers a really insightful look at how to attempt to find a balance between work, leisure time and personal achievement.