Leverage what makes your brand unique

Richard Branson said: “The way a company brands itself is everything — it will ultimately decide whether or not a business survives.”  Think about iconic brands around the world and specific images come to mind that resonate on an emotional level - whether that brand represents a product, a city, or a service offering. So why do they resonate so powerfully with us? Often it’s because those brands have built personalities over time that focus on their intrinsic characteristics, and its exactly those characteristics that make them so memorable for us. Strong brand personalities could be based on a powerful founding story, or a set of values, a different approach to service delivery, or a unique corporate culture. As consumers we connect with brands because of these characteristics and the messages that are associated with them in our lives and in the marketplace. Building a successful and memorable brand takes time, takes effort, takes creative consistency to maintain, but the trick for anyone building a brand of their own as a startup is to focus on exactly what makes it unique, and leverage that uniqueness to connect with consumers.