The art of making yourself investor ready as a woman entrepreneur

Hopefully, at some point on your entrepreneurial journey, the challenge of taking the next major step to achieving high growth in your business will be top of mind, and with that comes the perennially thorny issue of getting access to capital. Even with solid financials and business plans in place, it’s essential to get ready for inevitable meetings and pitch sessions with potential investors and financiers. There are a number of things on your checklist to help you prepare for such meetings. Firstly, remember that global influencer organizations such as the IMF and the World Bank firmly believe that by increasing the participation of women in the global economy, including entrepreneurship, it would increase gross domestic product in key countries significantly. It’s worth having your macro impact story at your fingertips to tap into this sentiment. Secondly, believe in yourself and your business - you have a great story to tell, so share it with passion backed up by hard numbers. It makes for a compelling meeting. Thirdly, get to know all the decision makers you are looking to meet in the banking and investment community, and do your homework on what is a priority in their investment space right now. Fourthly, research all the potential alternative sources of funding, particularly women-led investment funds. Fifthly, choose women’s entrepreneurship organizations and networks that might open up opportunities and contacts. Finally, be confident in your business and your story, and go out and sell it to those investors who are looking to help you make an impact.