Why perspective is so important for problem solving in business

As entrepreneurs, the chances are we have all experienced those moments as we build our businesses when we have a particular challenge to solve, but we just can’t see a solution. At these times, perspective is a great thing, but the trick is finding that perspective when you need it. Sometimes you just need to step back, break a challenge down into different viewpoints, and then assess the best way of solving it. So here is a practical approach to gaining perspective. Look at the challenge or problem you are trying to address. Then, create five boxes which represent different possible ways of viewing the problem. The first box should contain all the facts, nothing more, simply and starkly presented. The second box should contain all the possible negative things that could happen if you don’t address the problem. The third box should contain all the positive next steps if an effective solution is found. The fourth box should contain ironically all the ‘out-of-the-box’ possible ways of addressing the challenge. The fifth box should contain all the low risk possible solutions. Once you have all these different boxes in front of you, to help you to declutter your thoughts and lay out the possible choices, it may be easier to get the perspective you need to make the right decisions.